The National Infrastructure Summit (1)
16th May 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

The Infrastructure Summit

Bolstering the role of infrastructure in powering Ireland’s economic growth

16th May 2023

Croke Park, Dublin

It is a pivotal time for infrastructure investment and development in Ireland. With the rising costs of capital, labour and materials causing major delays and tipping some businesses over the edge. Continued open dialogue between governments, industry and investors is critical to funding and delivering fit-for-purpose infrastructure for the future. 

With the National Planning Framework and the National Development Plan 2021-2030 combining to form Project Ireland 2040, the road map to deliver the infrastructure required has been set and despite challenges, infrastructure assets remain attractive to investors amid the uncertainty.

At the National Infrastructure Summit 2023, Government officials, key infrastructure contractors, fund managers and investors will come together to discuss the road forward and reflect upon the learnings to date from major projects. 

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Delivery of NDP projects have been adversely impacted over the past 3 years as a result of pauses due to the pandemic, the inflationary impacts from both COVID and the war in Ukraine and the follow-on impacts on the supply chain. 

The highs and lows of the global economy have created a new set of challenges and opportunities for the delivery of infrastructure.

With infrastructure projects remaining key to economic recovery and growth, it is critical that delivery is prioritised whilst value for money is achieved. So where are we now in terms of delivery? 

This panel will discuss: 

  • The impact of rising interest rates and inflationary costs have on infrastructure investment and delivery
  • How can industry, investors and government work together to ensure optimum delivery outcomes?
  • What are the key roadblocks for effective delivery and how can we overcome these?
Senior Investment Director, Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF)
Head of Asset Management, Uisce Éireann (Irish Water)
External Member, Project Ireland 2040 Delivery Board, Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform

This session will explore:

  • How TfL are aligning transport to growth and demand for housing and other key infrastructure
  • How investment in transport can feed into and enable ‘The London Plan’
  • What can Ireland learn from the TfL journey?
Managing Consultant, Transport for London
  • Achieving optimum long term project outcomes through effective planning and governance
  • Ensuring return on public investment and attracting private investors through good governance 
  • Aligning the planning and procurement process to the climate goals of infrastructure delivery
Infrastructure, Governance and PPP, OECD
Construction Advisor, Office of Government Procurement (OGP)
Director & Town Planning Consultant, HRA and External Board Member, Project Ireland 2040 Delivery Board - Irish Government

Investing in strong strategic spatial planning is not only a key but arguably the factor in ensuring the delivery of the critical infrastructure. We have seen the positive results of effective master-planning, mapping out key development milestones in action.

In this session we will explore how careful evaluation, robust stakeholder engagement and a clearly defined strategic spatial plan can lead to the successful delivery of the critical infrastructure we all depend on.

Deputy Regulator, Office of the Planning Regulator


Within infrastructure planning and development, there lies a massive opportunity to achieve climate targets and sustainability goals. From reimagining how we consume energy and what source of energy we use within every asset class, to building wind farms to generate clean energy to power our assets. But with this opportunity come many challenges such as how to get such a major shift in how we think about our systems right.

This panel will discuss the new and innovative models we are seeing globally that will better connect our infrastructure and climate goals.

Areas of focus include: 

  • Sustainable transport/Electric mobility
  • The energy system – what do we need from the grid?
  • Cycling & Greenways programme
  • Renewables (Solar and wind energy infrastructure)
  • Sustainable construction and energy efficient homes
Chief Sustainability Officer, CIE
Circular and Bioeconomy, Arup
Chief Infrastructure Officer, EirGrid
CEO, Transport Infrastructure Ireland


Infrastructure Summit


Metrolink and new Luas lines in €25bn Dublin transport plan

January 30, 2023

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