The National Infrastructure Summit 2024 (2)

Deirdre Frost

Project Manager (Digiwest) & Policy Analyst, Western Development Commission

Deirdre is a Policy Analyst & Project Manager with the Western Development Commission. She has analysed and published on a range of policy issues related to regional and rural development including the National Planning Framework and the National Development Plan. She has also undertaken analyses of infrastructure constraints, in particular broadband and transport. She is the organisational lead on a collaboration with the University of Galway undertaking several national surveys on Remote Working during and since Covid-19. Deirdre is also Project Manager of ‘Digiwest’, an RRDF funded project to deliver four rural working digital hubs in the Western Region. Publications include Working from home Pre and Post Pandemic Regional Patterns and Outlook (2022), Remote Working: Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Implications (co-author, 2020), Travel to Work and Labour Catchments in the Western Region (2018) and Connecting the West, Next Generation Broadband in the Western Region (2012).

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