The National Infrastructure Summit 2024 (2)

The challenges and opportunities in delivering sustainable infrastructure for Ireland

Within infrastructure planning and development, there lies a massive opportunity to achieve climate targets and sustainability goals. From reimagining how we consume energy and what source of energy we use within every asset class, to building wind farms to generate clean energy to power our assets. But with this opportunity come many challenges such as how to get such a major shift in how we think about our systems right.

This panel will discuss the new and innovative models we are seeing globally that will better connect our infrastructure and climate goals.

Areas of focus include: 

  • Sustainable transport/Electric mobility
  • The energy system – what do we need from the grid?
  • Cycling & Greenways programme
  • Renewables (Solar and wind energy infrastructure)
  • Sustainable construction and energy efficient homes
Chief Sustainability Officer, CIE
Circular and Bioeconomy, Arup
Chief Infrastructure Officer, Eirgrid
CEO, Transport Infrastructure Ireland

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