The National Infrastructure Summit 2024 (2)



Welcome from the Chair

Entrepreneur and Broadcaster


Minister for Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery & Reform

Policy, planning and delivery challenges


Emerging trends in infrastructure

Infrastructure will be central to the energy transition and climate adaptation. In our opening session, Michele explains how we need to change (and improve) the way we plan, fund, develop and operate our infrastructure in order to achieve our goals.  

Head of Corporate Finance & EMA Head of Global Infrastructure, KPMG

Policy, planning and delivery challenges

Understanding Ireland’s infrastructure challenges

With population growth exceeding expectations and targets on greenhouse gas emissions looking very challenging, have we underestimated what infrastructure investment is needed for the country? With our economy at near full employment, how do we manage the need for investment and the constraints on its delivery?

Chairperson, National Competitiveness & Productivity Council

Policy, planning and delivery challenges

SPOTLIGHT on Dublin:

Delivering critical electricity and water infrastructure for Dublin

Powering Up Dublin programme and critical water infrastructure for our expanding capital city

Senior Manager in the Asset Management and Sustainability Directorate, Uisce Eireann
Chief Infrastructure Officer, Eirgrid

Policy, planning and delivery challenges


The future of major infrastructure planning

  • Policy and regulatory updates: What you need to know
  • How can policy be better aligned with practice?
  • What are the blockages and challenges to delivery that need to be addressed?
  • How can government support industry and future infrastructure?
  • What can the industry do to address current workforce constraints?
  • Speeding up the process – how will reforms affect major projects? How can we feasibly speed up the planning process?
Chairperson, Dublin Port Company
Principal Officer, National Investment Office, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
Managing Director, Infrastructure & Government Advisory, KPMG
Director of Main Contracting Services, CIF

Morning networking break


SPOTLIGHT on Healthcare:

Delivery of elective hospitals

Head of Capital Projects, Department of Health

Navigating environmental challenges


Changing environmental policy and requirements: What are the key considerations for infrastructure projects?

  • The opportunities and challenges involved in delivering sustainable infrastructure How do we develop resilient infrastructure to minimise climate change exposure risks?
  • Leveraging innovation to build future-proof infrastructure
  • Funding sustainable and resilient infrastructure: The implications for the public finances
Professor in Transportation and Head of Discipline in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, TCD
Director, Office of Environmental Sustainability, EPA
Acting Chief Economist and Head of Secretariat, Irish Fiscal Advisory Council

Navigating environmental challenges

SPOTLIGHT on Renewable Energy

Harnessing the scale of our offshore wind potential: How do we make it happen? 

Senior Investment Director, Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF)
CEO, Source Galileo

Navigating environmental challenges

SPOTLIGHT on Circularity:

Pioneering innovation and circularity in infrastructure projects

CEO, BladeBridge
Head of Corporate Innovation, ESB Group
CEO, Future Cast

Lunch break


Welcome back from the Chair

Entrepreneur and Broadcaster

How should our national wealth be invested and how should infrastructure projects be prioritised?


What can we learn from the UK’s experience in delivering strategic infrastructure projects? 

With over 30 years’ experience in financing and delivering projects across a wide range of sectors, Julia Prescot has become a trusted adviser to Government and industry. She shares her insights on addressing long-term infrastructure challenges.

Co-Founder at Meridiam, Deputy Chair at National Infrastructure Commission, UK

How should our national wealth be invested and how should infrastructure projects be prioritised?


Delivering sustainable transport infrastructure

Director Transportation, AECOM
Assistant Director - Transport investment, National Transport Authority

How should our national wealth be invested and how should infrastructure projects be prioritised?

SPOTLIGHT PANEL on EV Infrastructure

Update on charging network plan

As Ireland continues down the path towards net zero, more and more electric charging points will be central to achieving that goal. Where are we on our EV charging network plan? What are the obstacles we need to overcome?

Head of Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland, Department of Transport
Director, Easygo
CEO, ePower

How should our national wealth be invested and how should infrastructure projects be prioritised?


What are the most promising strategies to successfully build Ireland’s future infrastructure?

Ireland’s future-focused economy is being held back by significant deficits in our physical public infrastructure. 

  • Identifying the infrastructure needed to support surging population growth
  • What are the top 3 infrastructure priorities Ireland should focus on to meet the demands of surging population growth
  • How can we leverage technology such as AI and data analytics to optimise infrastructure operations and improve the overall performance of critical infrastructure networks?
Chief Planner/ Head of Strategic Planning, Land Development Agency
Fiona Cormican Consulting
External Member, Project Ireland 2040 Delivery Board, Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform

Closing remarks and summit close

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